FSV Mainz v FC Bayern Munich

1. Seriously, everybody knows I love JH, but he screwed up this game
badly.  Our flow is totally blown and we have to start from scratch.
When Robben comes back the whole team is going to be in flux.

I still think Tymo and Gustavo was the way to go, now we can’t even do
that, and we’re stuck with band aids.  And, why say anything about
Pranjic anymore? Why even put him on the bench?  After watching Kroos
and Alaba flounder on Sunday, he’s probably so frustrated, he won’t be
worth anything anymore now.  And, I don’t blame him.  And, Alaba’s
confidence will be shaken as will the whole teams with Schweini out.
Seriously, even Tymo and Pranjic would have been fine for this game.
The Alaba, Kroos stuff shouldn’t have happened until FCA were worn out
and broken.

2. Robben coming back is only going to add to the the confusion, because his ego will try to fill the gap left by Schweini.

3. Sorry, but one more thing:  the article on the BL official homepage
quoted stats that Kroos and Alaba ran more than anybody else on the
pitch.  However, Alaba in particular, had fewer attempted
challenges/tackles than anybody else for Bayern.  This confirms that he
was getting caught well out of position a lot.  He was giving up the
ball too easily and chasing shadows.   The first half may have been ok,
but FCA saw the opportunity and made adjustments at halftime, they took
it to our center mid in the second and had more success.

Alaba is
not ready to start in this position, nor is Kroos.  Now we’ve lost Tymo
on top of exposing one of the coaches premature ideas.  And, we missed
an opportunity to adjust smoothly to Schweini’s absence, and we don’t
have a clear idea of how to move forward…  Don’t think Klopp didn’t
notice this.  It encourages every other team to attack us straight up
the middle at our CB’s… at least Neuer made that save… I think he’s
going to have to make a few more if we want to get to the break in 1st

in Elfmeter schiessen, after FCA

1.I’ll preface my comments about Tymo, by saying I’m obviously a fan,
so… whatever.   As I saw the game, it seemed Alaba was given
Schweini’s role in total… unfortunately, that puts him in the driver’s
seat, Tymo always plays supporting Schweini.  With Kroos and Alaba
turning over the ball so much and being deficient at defense
simultaneously,  Tymo was left holding the bag.  He was too busy
covering gaps and trying to reclaim the ball to be a calming influence.
And, pass forward..? to whom.  With Alaba and Kroos getting pulled all
out of shape no matter which spot they were in, the other three
attackers were watching from a distance.  It so reminded me of one of
those LVG games where we tried to pass it around the back for 75 min of
the game.  The only difference was that Kroos/Alaba tried to force more
penetrating passes, than would have happened with LvG.  The lack of a
cohesive structure in the middle of the squad, made it impossible for
Tymo to lead… again JH made this game about Alaba and Kroos.  It’s
hard to believe that the only thing seperating JH from LvG is a better
use/application of Schweini, but we’ll see in the next few games.

2.I don’t see Gustavo being the leader, that Tymo supposedly wasn’t.  And,
I’m very concerned about a Bayern midfield trio of Kroos, Alaba, and
Gustavo in any combo for a full 90 min.

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1.Well, I’m officially: WTF Jupp!!!  The whole vibe to the game felt a lot like LvG era BS to me.

2.We missed Tymo.  I will give JH credit Muller in the hole was the way to
help Gustavo and Kroos which was about all JH could do at CM.  But,
ironically why didn’t he start with Alaba on the right?

3.It seemed obvious Kroos was emphasizing defense, and he looked better.
But, it took him almost completely out of playmaking and attacking.  It
didn’t help that we had three players standing as isolated as possible
waiting for the ball Get More .

4. Missing the early chances was the difference.

5. BVB’s goal was fortunate, but not undeserved.  They played through our
right/center mid in the central third of the pitch and went straight at
our CB’s in the attacking third very effectively.

6. I think you’re right that the game was more, or less lost in the center
of the pitch.  BVB basically mirrored us formation wise.  Their CDM
combination played the way I wanted to see us play against FCA as a warm
up to this match with Tymo/Gustavo as dual CDMs

To sum up, I guess I do have a few things to say browse this site

1. Don’t think Klopp and Tuchel didn’t get together for a little chat.  Now, it’s confirmed how to beat us, and we have to start all over again for Bremen.

2. I know Alaba looked stable against Villareal, but he had Tymo beside him, and Villareal are very weak right now.  Gustavo does not have the experience to support another player with limited experience.  I would have preferred the more conservative approach of Gustavo/Kroos with Muller at CAM, and Alaba on the right.  Maybe even try Pranjic, if JH wanted to keep Kroos at CAM.  We should have built on the few positives from BVB and got the other front 3 playing more defense.  Playing away at Mainz was not going to be easy.  This was the game to play for a draw, especially after BVB.

3. Our attack squandered the couple of chances we had in the first half and then turned off completely, watching our midfield get dissected and abused.  Two goals from one CB, and one off the crossbar from the other… and, that was our attack in the second.  Totally unacceptable.

4. Bringing back Robben prematurely was a very big mistake.  Now he’s a factor in all games and it’s creating friction on the bench… and, there was already plenty of that after the FCA game.

5. Homepage says DVB couldn’t sleep after the game, maybe he should stop dreaming of goalscoring glory and think hard about the number of goals/chances we’re giving away from headers in our own box.  Not to mention the shot whistling by him without even a flinch.  But, again he we are criticizing the CB’s while Gomez goes missing again for the entire game.

Now I’m seriously concerned find more info.

Does anybody have any dirt on the Robben non-substitution, or anything else?  Sorry Luke for instigating such negativity, but I am interested to hear some behind the scenes stuff.  My German isn’t good enough to read, and the google translations are worse.  Just the quick bits so I can make up my own mind, knowing most of it is bs anyway…. that’s how frustrated I am.