H2OceanThat water is collected from the high seas and processed through reverse diffusion in an exceedingly hi-tech equipments running processes of radical micro-filtration and choice of minerals (patent process).

Every salt and impurities area unit faraway from the water, keeping solely the minerals and natural nutrients. No substance is intercalary at any step of production of H2Ocean cvs.

All the weather contained in water return from the ocean and area unit natural so. H2Ocean piercing spray is created within the standards of quality demanded by industrial and environmental organizations and ensures the state of drinkable water needed by all laws of management water within the world.

This special method provides to the H2Ocean the condition of the distinctive water in market with sixty three completely different minerals with glorious quality, each in keeping with style and health. The nice distinction between a standard drinking water and H2Ocean models  is that the amount and variety of minerals that H2Ocean offers.

Most of mineral waters supply regarding twelve minerals on the average (which area unit traditional to any or all of them), whereas H2Ocean tattoo cream offers sixty three ones.

The cells of the organisms want these minerals to stay higher nourished and balanced.  In alternative words, the formula of H2Ocean spray may be a cocktail of minerals balanced and divided as a definite live for a wonderful organic process supplement. Chemistry Composition РMethodology for analysis in accordance with normal Methodes for the Examination of Water and Waste Water.